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Psychometric Profiling & Bespoke Team Building Workshops

If you’re looking for engaging and interactive team building workshops and programmes that make a lasting impact, look no further than our bespoke development sessions built around the Everything DiSC psychometric tool.

Our inclusive workshops use a range of tools to create lightbulb moments and lasting changes to behaviour, exploring the preferences and priorities of team members and unlocking the dynamics of why people interact as they do.

Whether your goal is to build a high performing team, reduce destructive or increase productive conflict, explore people’s differences or even manage change more effectively, we’re able to work with you to create a bespoke workshop to meet your needs.

We can incorporate DISC in to a range of management and  leadership workshops, and coaching programmes to keep the learning alive.

How it Works

If attending one of our DiSC development days, prior to the session, delegates access the unique Catalyst online platform to complete their reports. Here they explore their full report as well as podcasts and e-learning modules, and also get to know the styles of their team mates. This creates a great buzz around the upcoming session and really gets the conversations going!
During the session we have a lot of fun but also explore concepts and models from our Institute of Leadership Approved training to give a great mix of interactive activities and leadership development.
After the session all delegates have lifetime access to the catalyst platform, where they can explore how to work together more effectively on projects or teams.
If you’re interested in DiSC on an individual basis, or for specific leaders, the report will still be completed in the Catalyst platform, but a 90 minute coaching session will then follow with a trained professional. During this session, the full report will be discussed and actions for moving forward will be agreed.

We also offer DiSC profiling to support recruitment decisions and will supply a summary of candidates and example questions.

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