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Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging

Our founder, Lisa Murphy’s background in a social justice mission adult education charity means at Limelite we’re passionate about making the world of work a fairer place.  Lisa is passionate about diversity and inclusion, she has worked and studied this area and has lived experience of neurodiversity.

Our Inclusive Leadership workshop is one of our most popular sessions, we use clay to build an ‘inclusive leader superhero’ during the day whilst exploring the key considerations for leaders to create inclusive cultures and teams.

We aim to support any team who recognise the importance of educating themselves and others about the positive benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion, and help to create more inclusive organisations where everyone can thrive. 

We do not provide DEIB training to those who want to tick a box to say they have provided it, or try to tackle serious cultural issues with a short training session, as this approach does more harm than good.

As an organisation we provide high quality, well researched and engaging services around DEIB. Where we’re not the best people, we connect clients with other consultants who are better suited.
Our services include:
  • DEIB Audit and report
  • DEIB Strategy, policy & action plan development
  • A wide range of DEIB Workshops created with you to be sector specific
  • Support applying for DEIB awards
  • DEIB Toolkit / Playbook development

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging for HR Professionals

Our passion for DEIB and experience of training others in this area led to us creating a development programme for HR Professionals which focuses on creating inclusive organisations from a systemic viewpoint. Our programme takes HR professionals through key aspects of creating inclusion and attendees come away with the basis of a great diversity, equity and inclusion strategy that they can take away and embed, to create real change.

This six-part programme can be delivered to internal HR teams at any time.  Contact us now to join the waitlist to see when our next open programme is running.

Modules include:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - The Basics

In this first module we explore legal considerations, definitions, the business case and the moral case for DEI. This helps ensure a baseline of good practice and supports attendees to have the knowledge to influence internally.

Inclusive Recruitment

Our second workshop explores unconscious bias and the issues with UB training, privilege, meritocracy and emerging best practice recruitment - positive action vs positive discrimination

Measuring Progress

In this workshop we explore data collection and the pitfalls, action plan creation and monitoring KPI's. Gender and ethnicity pay reporting is also reviewed.

Training and Marketing

Here we help you Identify training needs and creating an ongoing training plan.

We also explore how to effectively communicate around DEIB to internal and external stakeholders.

Inclusive Leadership

Leading for inclusion is an increasing priority for organisations.

Inclusive leaders attract, support and retain their teams more effectively and research shows that organisations with diverse and inclusive leaders are 30% more successful!

We explore what Inclusive leadership means and how to embed it across your organisation.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

From language to meetings, to succession planning, we explore the top considerations for HR when creating an environment where everyone can thrive. We also use this session to reflect on the programme and set further learning goals.

Get in touch to hear more about this programme or any other.

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