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Leadership Development and Away Days

Our Senior Leadership programmes, away days and DiSC psychometric days are developed to support teams to reflect and engage in open and honest conversations and build stronger bonds. They use principles of experiential learning and are results focused.
Workshops and programmes are facilitated with an understanding that everyone in the room is bringing a high degree of expertise that can be shared and utilised. Our programmes often involve powerful exercises and fun activities using Lego, plasticine or other resources to maximise impact and learning.
Away days and off sites can be themed around the specific requirements of your organisation and learning aims for the day, they are always energetic, highly relevant and designed for maximum impact.
If you’re looking for bespoke programmes, workshops or away days, get in touch to discuss further.

Leading with Vision

Our Leading with Vision programme brings our six most impactful and popular leadership workshops together into a programme designed to equip senior leaders with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to develop a culture of psychological safety, high levels of emotional intelligence and provide vision, influence and direction.

This programme combines psychometric principles, organisational psychology and the latest leadership research with a range of fun and impactful activities to ensure the learning is bought to life!

Yourself as a leader

This two-part module focuses firstly on exploring individual styles, preferences, priorities and appetites for change and conflict.  Raising self-awareness and increasing emotional intelligence, leaders will understand their own, and their teams drivers on a deeper level.

Secondly leaders are encouraged to think strategically about the differences between management and leadership, exploring adaptive leadership, purpose and legacy.

Leading and inspiring others

Essential skills for leadership are explored from a strategic perspective in this module, where we delve into the psychology behind challenging conversations and how individual styles impact our appetite for these.

We then review contemporary motivation theories, leading through inspiration, building trust and the ingredients of a high-performing team.

Leading your organisation

In this module we explore change management and creating a culture of adaptability, using fun exercises to cement the learning.

We then explore managing and influencing stakeholders for strategic impact, developing a coaching culture and run a retrospective on the programme focusing on further self-development goals.

This programme has been approved by the Institute of Leadership as being contemporary, engaging and focused on improving practice.

Each attendee achieves a certificate, letters after their name and membership to the Institute of Leadership for 12 months following the course, this provides a number of additional resources and continuous professional development opportunities.

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