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Management Development
As highly experienced and qualified HR professionals, we have spent many years recruiting, promoting, coaching and developing managers and leaders.
Poor management is consistently one of the top reasons people raise issues or even leave their jobs. Equipping your new and middle managers is fundamental to attracting, retaining and developing talented employees and a great culture.
When we work with our clients to develop bespoke training programmes and workshops, we use our unique experience, qualifications and knowledge to ensure the workshops are highly relevant, experiential and fun! We want the learning to last long after the sessions are finished!
We include bonding time and activities that build relationships, which keeps the learning alive long after the day is done.
If you’re looking for bespoke programmes or workshops, get in touch to discuss further!

Management Toolkit

Our Management Toolkit programme brings together our six most essential workshops to give new and middle managers a great foundation of management skills.

This programme has been approved by the Institute of Leadership, and we offer accredited, non-accredited and bespoke options.

Covering all the essential considerations for recruiting, retaining, developing and managing others, all workshops include a useful workbook. These build into a useful resource toolkit for attendees to refer back to as and when needed.

This programme is based on three full days or six half-days, which can be run over a timescale to suit your needs.

Modules on this programme include:

Myself as a manager

A self-reflective module which includes a mini 360 feedback survey & DiSC psychometric psychology, to delve into the teams styles and preferences.

Recruiting your team

After learning about the current recruitment landscape, we explore best practice methods and considerations for recruiting a great team, and diversity and inclusion in recruitment

Managing performance

In this workshop we explore how to ensure difficult conversations happen at the right time and consistently, and how to build a great team!

Managing your team

Managers learn about key HR processes such as dealing with poor behaviour and performance, addressing employee issues and absence management

Leading and motivating teams

This workshop explores the key ingredients for forming a great team and how to maintain motivation and engagement, even when working remotely

Workload Management and wellbeing

Here we give managers a number of highly effective tools to help manage their own, and their teams' workload. Finally, we explore building resilience and maintaining wellbeing

This programme has been approved by the Institute of Leadership as being contemporary, engaging and focused on improving practice.

Each attendee achieves a certificate, letters after their name and membership to the Institute of Leadership for 12 months following the course, this provides a number of additional resources and continuous professional development opportunities.

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